You Have a Load of Debt

You owe me your very self.
               —Philemon 19

Paul reminded Philemon, whom he had led to Christ, “you owe me your very self” (Phlm 19).

William Barclay wrote, “Philemon is turned from creditor to debtor in the space of two verses, and loaded with a debt so large (‘your very self’) that he is under limitless obligation to Paul.”

Paul traced Timothy’s faith to two previous generations—his grandmother and his mother (2 Tm 1:5). He was appealing to Timothy to be loyal to his heritage, his roots. If he failed, not only would he defile his own name, but would dishonor the family name as well.

Philemon and Timothy were in debt to those who led them to Christ.

Who led you to Christ? You are deeply in debt to them.

Loyalty is a primary principle of character.

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