Help Wanted

Man looks at the outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart.
                —1 Samuel 16:7

A perusal of Heaven’s Personnel Directory will convince you that the Big Three could have used an employee consultant.

Would you have hired a wrinkled, sunburned, eighty-year-old shepherd to go nose-to-nose with the most powerful king in the world? Moses had been out of touch for forty years, working on his father-in-law’s ranch, raising his family in the boonies. In four decades, he hadn’t saved enough to make a down payment on a house of his own. Not exactly a prize hire to lead a couple of million people out of slavery.

And check out the dubious qualifications of the dozen men Jesus chose for his work crew.

The world elevates the handsome, gifted, and brilliant. Heaven’s search committee posts its “Help Wanted” signs for those whose hearts are right. And they get the job done.

Heaven has openings for
heart-healthy workers.

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