My soul waits for the Lord more than
watchmen wait for the morning.
                    —Psalm 130:6

“The soul of many a man has its eastward aspect,” wrote F.W. Boreham. He was referring to those who live in darkness but yearn for dawn.

We are too quick to pin name tags on people: sinner, heretic, skeptic. But sometimes, saint and skeptic live in the same skin—like the father who asked Jesus to heal his demon-possessed son: “I believe,” he said—there’s the saint; “help me overcome my unbelief”—there’s the skeptic (Mk 9:24).

Wickedness and wistfulness sometimes reside in the same heart: a sinful soul counterbalanced by a hungry heart longing to see the sunrise.

Some who seem uninterested and unreachable have a desire for light. And more often than we think, the darkness of night gives way to the breaking of dawn.

Don’t judge too quickly
or give up too soon.

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