And So Do I

Do you love me?
   —John 21:17

F.W. Boreham in The Golden Milestone writes about an old English villager who gazed at a painting of the crucifixion of Jesus in a London gallery. Face bathed in tears, he said aloud, “I love Him! I love Him!”

A stranger approached, grasped the old man’s hand, and said, “And so do I!” A third joined them and said, “And so do I!”

The frontispiece of my copy of The Golden Milestone informs me that the original owner of the volume was Clifford S. Matchett—and a note at the end of the chapter that tells the above story indicates that he read it on July 19, 1930.

In the margin next to the story, Matchett wrote, “And so do I. CSM.”

Beneath his note, I wrote, “And so do I. JRB.”

And so do you.

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