Give Up the Director’s Chair

Not what I will, but what you will.
                  —Mark 14:36

The coveted Academy Award for Best Director has been presented annually since 1929.

Many would be ready to take the stage and hoist the trophy if there were a comparable award for Director of Our Story.

One of the most difficult things we face is giving up directing our story. We think we have a handle on how it should be staged, and we ask God to do it our way.

Deeply distressed, Jesus asked the Father to deliver him from the agony of the cross—yet closed his prayer with, “Not what I will, but what you will.”

We’re not the Director of the story we’re living in. God is. We think we know how it should play out. We don’t. But God does. And he always gets it right.

Lord, do it your way, not my way.

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