The Little Children

Let the little children come to me.
                 —Mark 10:14

Most children are shy around big ol’ adults—but kids flock to a preacher I know. He knows their names—none of this, “Hi there, sonny;” “How’re you, honey?” He calls them by name. There’s a big difference between “sonny” and “Mike”—between “honey” and “Suzy.”

When parents brought their children to Jesus, the Big-12 barked, “Get these kids outa here!” Jesus was indignant and said, “Let the little children come to me.”

Sometimes children scream bloody murder in church and have to be taken out. They can’t write a check for the contribution or teach a class.

Even so, pay attention to the little children. Call them by name. If you’re still around, you’ll see the payoff in thirty-five or forty years when Mike and Suzy are doing the heavy lifting in your church.

Children notice
when you notice them.

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