Things that Can’t Be Taken Away

You knew that you had better
and lasting possessions.
     —Hebrews 10:34

When Chuck’s business went south, he moaned, “I’ve lost everything.”

His friend said, “I’m sorry that you’ve lost your family.”

“I haven’t lost my family.”

“I’m sorry that you’ve lost your health.”

“I haven’t lost my health.”

Bob had a foul mouth and profligate lifestyle. All that changed when he became a Christian. His cronies bullied him and tried to make his life miserable. When they stole his lunch, Bob said, “Praise the Lord, I’ve still got my appetite—they can’t take that away.”

First-century Christians were harshly treated. The writer of Hebrews saluted them: “[You] joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you had better and lasting possessions.”

When things take an unpleasant turn, as they did with Chuck and Bob, it’s good to remember the things that haven’t been—and can’t be—taken away.

Count your blessings,
your lasting possessions.

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