Three in One

The Lord our God, the Lord is one.
               —Mark 12:29

The word Trinity comes from “tri,” meaning three, and “unity,” meaning one. The Trinity, one God in three beings—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—isn’t an easy concept to grasp.

But it may help to see that God designed our world in such a way that many “Ones” are comprised of “Threes”—

Kingdoms: animal, vegetable, mineral.
Humanity: men, women, children.
Family: father, mother, child.
Individual: spirit, soul, body.
Sky: sun, moon, stars.
Dimensions: length, breadth, height.
Subsistence: food, air, water.
Time: past, present, future.
Comportment: thought, word, deed.
Lifetime: birth, life, death.

The last deserves sober attention: birth, about which we had no say—

life, in which we build our legacy—death, over which we have no control.

Paul’s big three: faith, hope, love.

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