Give Your Memory a Good Scrubbing

[Phoebe] has been a great help
to many people, including me.
           —Romans 16:2

Memory is something everyone has—but not something that everyone uses the same way. For some, it’s contaminating—and for some, it’s cleansing.

As this year comes to an end, give your memory a good scrubbing. Replace bad memories with good ones. If your memory is polluted by thinking of those who have hurt you, decontaminate that brain space by thinking of those who have helped you.

Visualize those who have nurtured you, encouraged you, loved you. Think of those in the yesterday of your life who have made your today more pleasant and meaningful than it would be if they hadn’t stepped in when they did. Thank God for them.

You’ve just sanitized your memory. Congratulations.

Filter your memories through gratitude.

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