Precious Memories

The memory of the righteous
will be a blessing.
 —Proverbs 10:7

The Broadway church in Lubbock, Texas, was 100 years old in 1991. As a centennial celebration, Marcia Johnson put together a Book of Memories. Recently, a dear lady sent me a copy of that book, which she found among the possessions of her deceased mother.

I’ve read every word of the 156 pages, which consist of the memories of those who had been members at Broadway. My emotions ranged from times of laughter to times near tears. It has been forty-one years since I ministered at that church, but those precious people—many of whom have departed earth—paraded through my mind as I remembered them.

We want to be remembered by those who have shared our lives. Two six-word sentences keep infiltrating my thoughts today:

Don’t forget me when I’m gone. Think of me now and then.

Precious mem’ries, how they linger.

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