Encourage Someone

Encourage one another.
 —1 Thessalonians 5:11

Everyone remembers the painting of Benjamin Franklin conducting his kite experiment to ascertain the electrical nature of lightning. Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky is just one of many famous historical scenes produced by artist Benjamin West.

When he was a youngster, West’s attempt to draw a picture of his sister was a botch. Nevertheless, his mother looked at it, kissed him, and said, “Why, it’s Sally!” Years later, he said that kiss and comment made him the artist he had become.

Encouragement is powerful. The encouragement of Barnabas played a major role in giving us the ministry of the apostle Paul, John Mark, and the church at Antioch.

Someone encouraged you to become who you are. Pay it forward by encouraging someone else.

An encouraging word from you
has the power to change a life.

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