Turn and Run

Some people ruin themselves
by their own stupid actions.
       —Proverbs 19:3

Ali, a vibrant teenager, caved in to peer pressure and became addicted to heroin. Intervention brought her to admission, and she entered rehab.

In an interview after treatment, Ali was asked what advice she would give to teenagers about drugs. “Just turn and run!” she said.

“Do not start down [that] road . . . the first step is easy, but it leads to heartache . . . Stay away from it . . . and if you find yourself anywhere near it, turn your back and run as far as you can in the opposite direction” (Prv 4:14–15 The Voice).

You’re not as strong as you think. Don’t deceive yourself by thinking you can get close to the fire without being burned.

One stupid decision can ruin your life. Just turn and run!

If you give in, you will lose out.

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