Losing Your Taste for Holiness

[Lot] was distressed by the
filthy lives of lawless men.
          —2 Peter 2:7

Opera singer Jenny Lind (1820-1887), known as the “Swedish Nightingale, was one of the most popular singers of the 19th century. At age twenty-eight, she quit the footlights. Asked why she would give up a lucrative career at the height of her popularity, Jenny held up her Bible and said, “I found that I was losing my taste for this. So, I gave it up.”

Lot was “distressed” and “tormented” by the obscenity in Sodom (2 Pt 2:7–8).

Have we become insensitive to the vulgarity that dominates today’s media? Do we casually view things today that would have “distressed” and “tormented” us a few years ago?

A steady diet of filth blunts the appetite for holiness. We are robbed of the pure when we grow comfortable with the putrid.

If anything is causing you to
lose your taste for holiness, give it up.

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