Six Months to Live

Put your house in order,
because you are going to die.
             —2 Kings 20:1

If your doctor said, “You have six months to live, would your priorities change?

I’m guessing that every day would be mapped for maximum pleasure and profit. But those words—pleasure and profit—might take on new meanings.

Earthly pleasure would mean little; eternal reward would mean much. Profit relating to financial accumulation would seem small; treasures in heaven would loom large.

Remember the story Jesus told about the farmer whose barns were bursting? He was headed into early retirement, saying, “I have enough stored away for years to come.” But the next voice was God’s: “You will die this very night.”

We probably won’t hear it when the time comes, but this sentence will one day be true of each of us: “You have six months to live.”

We conquer death, not by
living long but by living well.

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