Weren’t ten men healed?
Where are the other nine?
         —Luke 17:17

Their situation was hopeless. They were lepers—ten of them, grasping at straws when they approached Jesus. He sent them on their way, and as they were going, they were healed. One of them turned in his tracks, came to Jesus, and said, “Thank you! Thank you!”

“Weren’t ten men healed?” Jesus asked. “Where are the other nine?”

For many years, we were totally dependent on our parents. Early on, a week’s neglect would have killed us. But we forgot.

Someone helped us in a time of need: a friend, a teacher, a doctor. But we forgot.

In a time of desperation, with nowhere else to turn, we appealed to God: prayed passionately. The crisis passed. And we forgot.

I don’t know if one-in-ten is a standard ratio for gratitude. But if it is, be the one.

When you receive what you need,
never forget it.

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