It’s Never too Late—Until It Is

Repent and be baptized, every one of you.
                                     —Acts 2:38

Gene Polvado had a burden on his heart: he was concerned about an elderly man in a town where he had once ministered. They had developed a close friendship, but the man had never become a Christian. Gene had the impression that he thought he had waited too long—that it was too late for him. So, he went to see him and assured him it wasn’t too late. The response was positive—and Gene baptized him.

It’s never too late—until it is: and regardless of age—young or old—we don’t know when that will be. Some who are old think they have waited too long—it’s too late. Some who are young think they have plenty of time—they will do it someday. But there will come a time when there isn’t another someday.

“Someday” is a dangerous calendar entry.

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