God’s Pairings

From everlasting to everlasting you are God.
                                    —Psalm 90:2

Four times in Ezekiel 14, God homes in on Noah, Daniel, and Job as worthy of his praise.

It seems like a strange pairing: Noah and Job had been dead for hundreds of years, while Daniel was an alive exile in Babylon.

But God inhabits eternity—past, present, and future—unrestricted by historical timelines.

His pairings of three today might be Moses, the apostle Peter, and Ernest Smith. Or Jacob, the apostle James, and Helen Justice. Or Elijah, the apostle John, and Ruby Johnson. All dead except three: Ernest Smith is a custodian at an elementary school; Helen Justice is a busy mother of three; Ruby Johnson is a professor at a community college.

The God of eternity has an unobstructed-by-time view of Abraham, and You, and your Descendant a thousand years from now.

No one ever has been, and no one ever will be
more loved by God than you.

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