You Are Different from All Others

Each of us has gone his own way.
                   —Isaiah 53:6

The apocryphal book Wisdom of Solomon alleges that God adapted manna to suit the taste of each Israelite (16:20–21)—an unlikely claim since they quickly became disgusted with manna (Nm 11:6).

However, it is true that God has an affinity for variety and individuality. No two blades of grass or two snowflakes are identical.

My twin cousins were labeled “identical twins”—like two peas in a pod. Looking at them, you couldn’t tell them apart. But no two peas in a pod are identical—nor were my cousins.

No two of us are alike. There is something distinctive in each person’s stride, voice, handwriting—and temptation.

The sin that entices me may be no temptation to you—and vice versa. God knows our individual weaknesses—and stands ready to meet our distinctive needs.

You are no clone. You are no duplicate.
You are a one and only.

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