An Ant and a Prayer

Jesus told his disciples . . . they should
always pray and not give up.
                  —Luke 18:1

POW Sgt Carl Peek was incarcerated in a prison camp where the food was wretched, the stench nauseating, and the heat torturous.

One day while agonizing over his seemingly hopeless situation, he became mesmerized watching an ant trying to carry a kernel of corn larger than itself up the wall of his cell. He counted the ant’s attempts—eighteen times the kernel fell to the floor. But the ant persevered and on the nineteenth attempt succeeded.

Sgt Peek had prayed desperately for deliverance. But months passed, and he had given up hope, deciding that prayer was futile.

The persistent ant motivated him to keep praying, realizing that each passing day brought his prayer one day closer to fulfillment.

The answer to your prayer is one day nearer today than it was yesterday.

Thank God for prayers that have been answered—
and for answers that are on the way.

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