If God Says It, Believe It

The night before Herod was to
bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping.
                          —Acts 12:6

Seeing that putting James to death pleased the Jews, the politically savvy Herod Agrippa pegged Peter as his next victim. So, he had him arrested and jailed—bound with chains between two soldiers with sentries guarding the door—intending to execute him tomorrow. And Peter? He sawed logs.

The church gathered and prayed for Peter but had no confidence in his survival (Acts 12:12–15).

It is often asked, “How could Peter sleep when he knew he would be killed the next day?” The answer is, he knew that wasn’t going to happen because Jesus had told him he would live to old age (Jn 21:18–19). The Lord said it, so Peter believed it.

And right there is the test of our faith. However unlikely it seems, if the Lord says it, believe it.

God doesn’t “play the odds.”

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