Live the Way You Would Like to See Others Live

Love your neighbor as yourself.
                 —Luke 12:31

Founded in 1995 by former First Lady Laura Bush, the annual Texas Book Festival in Austin is one of the country’s most prestigious literary events. Featuring 300 nationally recognized authors, attendance averages 50,000.

One presenter encouraged aspiring authors to “Write the book that you want to find on the shelf.” That is good advice for writing—and for living. Live the way you would like to see others live.

I taught a 13-week Bible class about exhibiting love in our words and actions. At the end of the series, I invited comments. In this one sentence, a brother said it better than I had in hundreds of sentences: “If we will always ask, ‘Is this the loving thing to say or do?’ we’ll say and do the right thing.” That, it seems to me, says it all.

Few read the Bible.
Many read the Christian.

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