Don’t Be a Fool

Prepare to meet your God.
             —Amos 4:12

Once upon a time, there was a duke whose court jester’s name was Wamba. The duke was very fond of Wamba—his foolish stunts made him laugh.

To show his appreciation, he gifted Wamba with a world tour. “Go abroad,” he said, “and see all that there is to be seen. Take this golden wand with you and if you meet a greater fool than yourself, present him with it.”

On his return, Wamba found the duke desperately ill, near death. “I, too, am going on a long journey, even longer than yours,” said the duke to his jester.

“Is everything ready?” asked Wamba—“are all the preparations made?”

“No, Wamba,” the duke answered. “I have made no preparations.”

Wamba gave the duke the golden wand.

There is such a thing as “too late.”

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