Stay focused on what’s above,
not on earthly things.
   —Colossians 3:2

Holy Father,

I want to focus on heavenly things but am distracted by earthly things.

When I read your Word, my mind sometimes wanders. My eyes follow the inspired text—but I suddenly realize I have no awareness of what I have read. My body is present, but my thoughts have carried me far away.

I sometimes move through a day, giving little thought to things divine, being captivated by matters of no spiritual value.

I shamefully confess that even in those sacred moments of communion, I am sometimes preoccupied with thoughts unrelated to the sacrament of bread and wine.

Forgive me, Father. Deliver me from distractions and guide my focus to the sacrificial love of my precious Lord, in whose name I pray. Amen.

Undivided attention is a worthy goal.

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