I Ought To

What kind of people ought you to be?
                        —2 Peter 3:11

Oswald Chambers wrote: “Every moral question or call comes with an ‘ought’ behind it.”

One way to deal with an “ought to” is to numb the conscience so it’s no longer a disturbing visitor. But the only right response to an “ought to” is action.

I ought to make that phone call. Then make that phone call.

I ought to be less judgmental. Then be less judgmental.

I ought to be more patient. Then be more patient.

I ought to give up that habit. Then give up that habit.

You take it from there. You know what your “ought to” is.

If the “want to” is there, you will take charge of the “ought to.”

Put in a request for God’s help, “for it is God who works in you to will and to act” (Phil 2:13).

Delay is deadly.

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