Commitment without Conditions

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
                           —Proverbs 3:5

Jacob’s commitment to God in Genesis 28:20–22 is conditional:

  • If God will be with me
  • If God will watch over me
  • If God will give me food to eat
  • If God will give me clothes to wear
  • Then he will be my God

Do you have a “Jacob’s List”—requirements God must meet to win your trust? Jacob gave God his marching orders, dictated the terms, demanded that he deliver. Trust doesn’t do that.

A prayer of trust might run something like this: You are God; I’m not. You know what’s best; I don’t. I don’t come to you to tell you what to do; I come to you to ask you to do what’s best. I surrender my will to yours. Amen.

Do you seek God’s presence—
or only his presents?

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