Time for a Checkup?

Clothe yourselves with compassion,
kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
                           —Colossians 3:12

Are you up to date on your annual physical? I hope so. Many medical issues are solvable if detected early. “Too late” is a chilling diagnosis.

Are you staying on top of your temperament? Is it time for a disposition checkup? At this point in time, are you:

Sweet or Bitter?
Compassionate or Cold?
Positive or Negative?
Encouraging or Critical?
Generous or Selfish?
Grateful or Ungrateful?
Happy or Grumpy?
Humble or Arrogant?
Supportive or Argumentative?
Patient or Irritable?
Gentle or Surly?
Kind or Judgmental?
Thoughtful or Self-centered?

Never too bad, never too old,
never too late to change.

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