Looking for Peace in the Wrong Places

You, Lord, give true peace
to those who depend on you.
             —Isaiah 26:3

There is nothing we desire more than peace. And nothing we find more elusive. Why? Perhaps because we look for it in the wrong places, kneeling at the altars of the wrong gods.

We worship the god of money, only to learn that there are things that money cannot buy and that in a seesaw economy, money is a fickle and unreliable deity.

We bow before the god of pleasure, only to discover that its thrills fade and its passions wither.

We bend the knee before the god of science, only to find that while it has given us many good things, it has also fathered fears that it cannot calm.

It is short-sighted to depend on short-term gods. They don’t deliver on their promises.

Without peace of mind, nothing
we accomplish means much.

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