What Does God Want?

How can I repay the Lord
for all his goodness to me?
           —Psalm 116:12

God is so good / God is so good / God is so good / He’s so good to me.

So go the opening lyrics of Velna Ledin’s hymn.

Question: How can I repay God for being so good to me?

Answer: For repayment to honor God, it must be something he wants. So, phrase it this way: What does God want from me in response to what he has done for me?

The Macedonians gave money, but the foundation of their generosity was, “they gave themselves first to the Lord” (2 Cor 8:5).

That is what God wants. He wants you. When you give yourself to him, you have given him what he wants.

God made you but waits
for you to let him own you.

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