When a Good Thing Becomes a Bad Thing

A sluggard does not plow in season;
so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing.
                           —Proverbs 20:4

A good thing can turn into a bad thing for the person who is unprepared.

Wealth is a good thing. But the person who is unmindful of its responsibilities can be destroyed by it.

Power is a good thing. But a glance at world leaders shows that power in the hands of one unfit for it leads to tyranny and disaster.

Parenthood is a good thing. But news of the day unmasks the horrors of abuse and neglect brought on by those unprepared for it.

Retirement is a good thing. But the person whose mind was not kept sharp by study, whose body was not kept fit by diet and exercise, and whose interests were not monitored and cultivated, retirement is often accompanied by the menacing guests of apathy, monotony, and a feeling of uselessness.

Prepare now. When opportunity knocks,
it’s too late to get ready.

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