A Promise of Presence and Certainty

I will deliver you.
  —Psalm 50:15

Robinson Crusoe’s wake-up verse was, “Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee” (Ps 50:15).

The story is fiction, but the text isn’t: “Call upon me . . . I will deliver you.”

It is a promise of his presence: “Call upon me.” Many feel alone: friendless and forsaken. Perhaps that’s you. But wherever you are—isolated by geography, circumstance, or sin—there is one who is near, and he invites you to call upon him.

It is also a promise of certainty: “I will deliver you.” A physician says, “I will try.” The Great Physician says, “I will heal” (Mt 8:7). He didn’t come to try—he came to do.

Claim your promise of presence and certainty.

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