What’s On Your Agenda Today?

You don’t know what the day will bring.
                           —Proverbs 27:1

What’s on your agenda today? Travel? Work? Meetings? Shopping? Cleaning?

You brush your teeth, put on your clothes, and grab your to-do list—set on conquering your busy world by lunchtime.

But it only takes one phone call to blow your plans to bits. An illness, an accident—even a chatty friend—can rewrite the script. “You don’t know what the day will bring.”

You have big plans. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t overlook the possibility that the seemingly insignificant may be the most important thing you do today: the affirmation of a friend, the hospital visit—or the longer-than-intended phone conversation.

God knows who needs encouragement—and he may use you to deliver that blessing.

Planning is good.
Flexible planning is better.

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