Willful Forgetfulness

Be careful that you do not
forget the Lord your God.
   —Deuteronomy 8:11

Alzheimer’s. Scary word. All of us know someone who is a victim. We have seen its devastation. When we experience a memory lapse, we get an uneasy feeling that we may be headed for the twilight zone of the dreaded “A.”

There is something sadder and far more widespread than Alzheimer’s: willful forgetfulness—refusal to remember while we still can. It’s a senseless condition brought about by ingratitude. Its symptoms are easily spotted: complaining about present conditions while forgetting a past defined by bountiful blessings.

Dip into your private memory bank: remember when God saw you through dismal days when you were out of answers; remember when he provided for you when you didn’t know how you were going to make it.

Remembering how God has worked in your past is a
powerful motivation for trusting him with your present and future.

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