Joe McKissick


Look not only to your own interests,
But also to the interests of others.
            —Philippians 2:4

The first time I met Joe McKissick he was on furlough from missionary work in South Africa. He talked very little about himself and his ministry; he wanted to talk about me and my ministry. He didn’t talk much about his big work on a big continent; he wanted to talk about our little church in our little town.

That’s who Joe McKissick was—a master encourager of every good work.

With some people, it’s all about them and their ministry.

Your ministry is important, but it’s not the only game in town. Do you get as excited about what God is doing through someone else as you do about what God is doing through you?

The church needs a lot of Joe McKissicks. Be one.

We are surrounded by opportunities
to encourage others.

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