Enjoy the Now

Do not say, “Why were the
old days better than these?”
     —Ecclesiastes 7:10

Reliving your yesterdays may be tempting if the biggest slice of your life is past tense. Back then, life was exciting. Health was robust. Loved ones and friends were alive and as near as a phone call.

Now, those days may be gone. Your phone seldom rings. You eat alone. You’re not sure there’s a place for you anymore.

Or if most of your days are future tense, you may be dreaming of days to come. Life will be good when you get out of school. Get into a romantic relationship—or out of one. When the kids are grown—and gone. When you reach retirement.

Don’t miss the joy of today by dancing with the yesterdays or romanticizing the tomorrows.

Past and Future are good places to visit,
but neither is a good place to live.

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