[God] frustrates what people intend to do.
                               —Psalm 33:10

The first thing I see when I turn on my computer each morning is my schedule for the day. The second thing I see is a list of emails, some calling for an interruption of my planned schedule—each of which should be evaluated with compassion, not irritation.

God’s work has often come at the cost of an interruption of someone’s regular routine. To name a few: Abraham (Gn 12:1); Moses (Ex 3:10–11; 4:10–14); Gideon (Jgs 6:14–16); Mary (Lk 1:26–38); Paul (Acts 9:1–19). Think how different our world would be if they had said, “No!”

Interruptions inevitably litter your schedule. Sometimes your answer should be “Yes;” sometimes “No.” Encounter them with patience and prayer rather than peevishness and panic.

An interruption is sometimes a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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