Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself.
                                             –Philippians 2:3

It was on television for the world to see: our at-the-time president rudely shoving smaller-nation leaders out of the way so he could be front-row. I experienced citizen shame for our nation.

On the other hand, I got goosebumps when a distinguished speaker came to a ceremonial platform to a burst of applause. Standing aside, he motioned for the person behind him to step ahead of him. He joined the clapping, thinking the ovation was for his stage companion—never imagining it was for himself.

How do we acquire humility? Perhaps by realizing how little we know compared to how much there is to know and how little we have achieved compared to how much there is to achieve. Or by an awareness that when our life ends, the world will go right on without us.

Humility is appealing.
Pride is appalling.

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