He Understands Like No Other

My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow
to the point of death.
  —Matthew 26:38

In the little church where I did my first full-time preaching, there was a sweet couple who lost three children before they reached school age. I couldn’t fathom the depth of their agony and hadn’t a clue how to console them.

I often write these articles with the same apprehension. I write in awareness that there are some who read these posts with tears in their eyes, coping with problems or sorrows for which there seems to be no solution. H.L. Mencken may have had such in mind when he wrote: “There’s always an easy solution to every human problem—neat, plausible, and wrong.”

The only one about whom I feel comfortable in saying, “He understands,” is Jesus. In Gethsemane he was overwhelmed with sorrow, his sweat like drops of blood. No one understands your anguish like he does.

Don’t put a period at the end of your problem
without sharing it with Jesus.

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