It’s Your Choice

Do everything without grumbling.
             —Philippians 2:14

One of the most significant choices you make is your choice of attitude. It is more important than your successes or failures, more important than what people think of you or say about you, more important than your past or present.

Your attitude keeps you going or cripples your progress. It builds you up or beats you down.

Do you spend more time fretting over things you can’t change than attending to the one thing you can change—your attitude? The payday for spending energy on things you can’t do anything about is cynicism, sourness, and depression.

“Take a fresh breath and let God renew your attitude and spirit. Then you are ready to put on your new self” (Eph 4:23–24, VOICE).

Your attitude is your window to the world.
Your job is to keep the window clean.

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