Let Him Lead

He leads me beside quiet waters.
                  —Psalm 23:2

What did you worry about last week? What are you worrying about this week? That doesn’t leave much mental muscle for anything else, does it?

Worrying isn’t something you can delegate; no one can do your worrying for you. But you can overcome it if you’ll let Psalm 23:2 be your tonic: “He leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.”

“He leads me.” God isn’t behind you pushing you. He’s out in front, clearing the path, opening the gates.

God promised to supply the children of Israel with manna each day—but told them to gather only one day’s supply at a time. Like them, when you refuse to rely on him and collect more worries than you should, it starts to stink.

Leave the leading to God.

Only worry about what you
haven’t talked to God about.

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