Who’s In Control?

Even the wind and the waves obey him.
                         —Mark 4:41

It’s nearly noon as I write these words, but outside my window it’s dark as night. Rain is torrential, streets are flooding, there’s been a tornado citing—and there’s nothing I can do to control it.

Caught in a furious squall, Jesus’ terrified disciples woke him and watched in wide-eyed wonder as he said to the wind and waves, “Quiet! Be still!”—and it was completely calm. “Who is this?” they asked. “He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him” (Lk 8:25).

Mothers dry tears. Mechanics fix cars. Surgeons repair hearts. But they don’t control weather. Meteorologists report it, but they don’t control it. God doesn’t report it, he controls it.

Stand in awe. Even the wind and the waves obey him.

If you ever think you’re in control
try changing the weather.

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