Do Something

Whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with all your might.
   —Ecclesiastes 9:10

George Bernard Shaw wrote: “Liberty means responsibility.”

Charles Swindoll said: “It’s one thing to sing and dance to liberty’s tunes, but it’s something else entirely to bear the responsibility for paying the band.”

Meaningful achievements get done by doers, not by dreamers or sleepers. Games are won by players on the field, not by bellowers in the bleachers.

The following appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

“Sometimes the decision to do nothing is wise. But you can’t make a career of doing nothing. Freddie Fulcrum weighed everything too carefully. He would say, ‘On the one hand . . . but then, on the other,’ and his arguments weighed out so evenly he never did anything.”

Something needs to be done that won’t be done unless you do it.

Get in the game. Do something.

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