Are You Qualified to Judge?

Who are you to judge your neighbor?
                         —James 4:12

Journalist Leslie Flynn noted that fifty-three residents of a Connecticut neighborhood signed a petition to stop speeding drivers on their streets. The police set a watch and caught five violators of the speed limit. All five had signed the petition.

Isn’t it amazing how we exempt ourselves from the rules by which we judge others?

Here is a sentence that’s enough to put a halt to our judgment of others: Never assume a position you’re not qualified to fill. We’re not qualified to judge because our knowledge is limited.

  • We do not know all the facts.
  • We cannot read motives.
  • We are unable to be totally objective.
  • We are prejudiced and have blurred perspective.
  • We are imperfect and inconsistent.

Are you qualified to judge? Nope!

Jumping to conclusions and running down people
is not a good exercise regimen.

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