Thank God for Inconvenience

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
                        —Psalm 136:1

Ferocious wind. Torrential rain. Destructive hail.

Then, power failure. Lights. Fans. Air conditioning. Computer. Television. Clocks. Refrigerator. Microwave. Keurig. Hot water. All kaput.

Hours into this “lights out” ordeal, I prayed.

You may think my prayer strange, for I thanked God for the power outage; thanked him because it brought to my attention how taking-it-for-granted I had been. I’d gone for days, weeks, months without the inconvenience of being without conveniences. I, a geriatric spoiled brat, needed a reminder.

Inconvenience—even adversity—is rarely an enemy; it is more often a teacher, if we’re paying attention. It reminds us of blessings we’ve taken for granted.

“It was good for me to be afflicted” (Ps 119:71), for it redirected my attention to God’s good gifts.

Thank God for reminding you of his blessings.

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