Joe Barnett

What Will Matter?

Ready or not, one day it will be over. There’ll be no more sunrises, sunsets, or birthdays. Position and possessions will be history. Whether you lived in a castle or a cottage will be irrelevant. All you accumulated, both treasures and trinkets, will pass to someone else. Your proficiency, polish, and pedigree will be meaningless. …

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Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.                               —Proverbs 12:22 PolitiFact is a fact-checking program designed to help sort out fact from fiction in politics. The analysts—a panel of three editors—compare politicians’ statements with known facts. The column’s Truth-O-Meter points …

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Stay focused on what’s above, not on earthly things.    —Colossians 3:2 Holy Father, I want to focus on heavenly things but am distracted by earthly things. When I read your Word, my mind sometimes wanders. My eyes follow the inspired text—but I suddenly realize I have no awareness of what I have read. My …

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