Only God is Great

You are great … you alone are God.
                        —Psalm 86:10

Louis XIV ruled France for seventy-two years, and demanded that he be addressed as Louis the Great. He ordered that Notre Dame Cathedral be totally dark during his funeral service, except for one candle positioned above his gold coffin.

The funeral sermon was delivered by Jean-Baptiste Massillon, Court Chaplain to the King. Massillon began his sermon by reaching down, snuffing out the candle and saying, “Only God is Great”—a jab at both the late king and those who called him Louis the Great.

Louis got it wrong. Massillon got it right. Only God is great enough to meet all your needs, forgive all your sins, and give you a mortgage-free eternal home.

Examine your hand. Look out your window.
God’s greatness is on display everywhere.

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