I have considered my ways and have
turned my steps to your statutes.
                 —Psalm 119:59

Peter was rattled when Jesus held his feet to the fire, forcing self-examination by asking him three times if he loved him. Peter pointed at John and asked, “What about him?” Jesus shot back, “John is not your concern; we’re talking about you” (see Jn. 21:15-22).

I have considered my ways said the psalmist. That’s a huge leap in the right direction. When he had a hard look at himself he admitted that he was moving in the wrong direction, and reversed his course: “I thought about the wrong direction in which I was headed, and turned around and came running back to you” (Ps. 119:95-60 TLB).

No dilly-dallying. No delay.

Self-examination takes courage. It’s unpleasant, tough … but wise.

 “Know thyself” is one of life’s greatest needs
—and one of life’s greatest difficulties.

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