The Right to Remain Silent

How good is a timely word.
      —Proverbs 15:23

Kind words heal. Harsh words hurt. “Their words bite deep like the poisonous fangs of a snake” (Ps. 140:3 CEV).

Have you ever been on the receiving end of stinging words? Sure you have. Put it behind you. Repeatedly replaying spiteful, hurtful words puts the offender in control of your thoughts—and that’s not the person you want polluting your mind and messing up your life.

And be sure that you are not on the giving end of cutting words. “I’m just plain spoken,” you say. Back off! That is not something to be proud of. Weigh your words before you speak; it’s too late after you speak. Calvin Coolidge said, “I have never been hurt by something I didn’t say.”

We have the right to remain silent—
a right that we should exercise more often.

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