Doubling the Damage

Woe to the world because of
the things that cause people to sin.
                 —Matthew 18:7

St. Bernard of Clairvaux resolved that his actions must pass three tests:

First, is it lawful? Can I do it and not sin?
Second, is it becoming in me as a Christian? Can I do it and not damage my influence?
Third, is it expedient? Can I do it and not harm my weaker brother?

Jesus said it would be better for a person to be dropped in the sea with a millstone hung around his neck than to be the cause of a child’s ruin. There will always be temptation to sin he said, but woe to the person who is the source of that temptation (Matt. 18:6, 7).

Willful sin is dishonorable; leading others to sin doubles the damage.

The most significant thing in your life
is the impact you have on other lives.

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