The Church Still Stands

I will build my church, and the
gates of Hades will not overcome it.
                      —Matthew 16:18

The church is God-built and God-sustained. Therefore it will not fail.

Some fret that its preachers and teachers have gone mushy, that they don’t stand for anything. Even if that were true, God’s church would march on.

And then there are those pesky internal clashes. We get bent out of shape when things aren’t done the way we think they should be. We grow uncomfortable, even offended, when our preferences aren’t followed. Accusations fly. He thinks you’re liberal because of what you allow; you think he is narrow because of what he forbids.

Some have become crusty with traditions. Others have become intoxicated with the trendy. Despite human blunders on right and left, the church will survive, because it is God’s movement.

Slandered from outside, betrayed from inside,
the church still stands.

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