Planned Neglect

Very early in the morning … Jesus got up …
and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.
                                        —Mark 1:35

A polished violinist was asked, “What is the secret of your success?” “Planned neglect,” she said.

She explained that she had allowed routine chores to take precedence over practice: washing dishes, making beds, shopping, running errands. By the time she uncased her violin she was frazzled; her practice unfocused and unproductive.

So she resolved to make practice her priority. The “planned neglect” of everything else until her practice was done produced a first-class musician.

It was early in the morning when people came to hear Jesus teach at the temple (Lk. 21:38). It was even earlier in the morning—while it was still dark—when Jesus made his way to a solitary place to pray (Mk. 1:35).

Better to neglect all else than to skip time with him.

Before you face your day, face your Father.

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